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Majors Athletics

Mount Vernon High School


Majors Athletics

Mount Vernon High School

Majors Athletics

Mount Vernon High School

Team News.

Team News

2 years ago @ 9:07AM

Interest in Wrestling

Team, Coaches and Fans,
I am very excited to join the Majors coaching staff as the Varsity Wrestling Coach.

Thank you Coach McDuffie for helping with my transition to this position, and thank you very much for developing such a great group of wrestlers! 

I have posted a schedule for the events that we are enrolled in so far, for the upcoming season. 

Don't forget that the Interest in Wrestling meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 19th at 3:30pm in room number D111.  In addition to wrestlers, we need Managers. 

Why wrestle? 

 Some people believe that wrestling only requires speed, strength, and 

 Inherently, few people naturally possess all three of the above.  Most great wrestlers possess many intangibles which develop into a good work ethic and wrestling success. 

 Once a good work ethic has been developed, speed, strength, and stamina will improve proportionally to the intangibles of commitment, self-confidence, self-disciple, competitiveness, technique, positive attitude, 
self-reliance, and mental toughness. This is why wrestlers practice and drill moves constantly, and why attending practice is so crucial.

 Wrestling levels the playing field for everyone, as wrestlers only compete with people their own size, age, and ability levels.  Wrestling will increase one's self-reliance, because individual wrestlers are responsible fortheir own success or failure.

 Wrestling practice is designed to help kids develop and improve:

 -A good work ethic
 -Positive Attitude
 -Self Reliance
 -Mental Toughness
 -Muscle Memory

Wrestling practices can be grueling, both mentally and physically, but the 'lessons-learned' in preparation for wrestling will translate into other aspects of adult life's challenges.

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